The best lighting stores in Wagga

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The Light Company, one of Wagga’s best lighting stores. Image: The Light Company.

Few elements transform a space as much as lighting. More than providing sheer illumination, great create ambience, add warmth, and make an impact. With the ability to turn darkness into light, the power of a flicked switch should never be underestimated. Yet, despite such remarkable qualities, few of us really give lighting much thought.

Whether you are redecorating, renovating, or building; being distracted by large ticket items happens easily. Yet, finer details like the nature and placement of lighting can make – or break a room. Indeed, a carefully considered lighting plan can instantly lift the visual appeal and aesthetic feel of many a space.

Great lighting plans combine functional and flexible solutions to optimise the illumination of a space. From lifting an entire home’s curb side appeal through to lighting the smallest corner there is plenty to consider. From fixtures and colour temperature to energy efficiency and automation, the risk of being overwhelmed is real.

If you are seeking a lighting solution for your space, you have come to the right place. We have hunted high and low to find the best lighting store experts that Wagga has to offer.

What makes a great lighting store?

Great lighting stores offer more than catalogues of pretty products. Their insider knowledge and technical expertise can help shape how a space looks – and feels. Here is what we think separates the best lighting stores from the rest:

  • Form meets function. The best lighting solutions deliver a perfect blend of both form and function. While form can be evaluated rather easily, assessing a lights performance is harder. Often, retailers squeeze hundreds of lights into powered displays, making it almost impossible to assess the effectiveness of each. Great lighting stores tackle this issue head on delivering streamlined ranges with displays that allow individual products to shine. Moreover, they also employ product experts, who understand which products are best suited to solving specific lighting needs.
  • Quality solutions. As with any new product purchase, quality plays a big role in the final decision. While price remains a decent indicator of quality, it doesn’t necessarily always reflect it. Therefore, when scrutinising your next lighting purchase, look for well-constructed items comprised of sturdy materials befitting their purpose. For example, outdoor lights must tolerate weather conditions and be made of materials that do the same. Moreover, look for suppliers who stock well-known national and international brands supported by decent warranty periods.
  • Curated product range. In the plentiful world of lighting, the choices really are endless. From entry level basics through to high-end designer pieces there are products to suit every taste and budget. Rather than being everything to everyone, the best lighting stores carve a niche in the market. Through understanding customer need, they offer curated product solutions which stand out from the crowd.
  • Design expertise. The best lighting stores deliver an all-in-one service offering, uniting retail with design expertise. Taking the form of lighting consultations, these ultimately result in the formation of a lighting plan for your space. Lighting plans effective fuse products and their placement within a space. Often, they require a trained eye to maximise impact and straddle the interplay between light and shade. These services are particularly advantageous for those areas serving more than one purpose, or those requiring numerous light settings.
  • Stellar service. Although it can hard to define, service is a core attribute that sets great lighting stores apart from the rest. From experienced staff, ease of ordering, and seamless delivery it all counts. Moreover, great light stores will also have a series of industry contacts to help translate your lighting vision. This may include relationships with recommended electricians, builders, or interior designers. Finally, consider lead times as these play a key role in custom or international orders.

The best lighting stores in Wagga

Region Riverina has combed through online reviews and recommendations to compile a list of the most recommended businesses according to you.

To be listed in our Best of Wagga series, each business needs to have consistently received positive feedback on Region Riverina and Facebook as well as maintaining a minimum average of 4/5 stars on Google.

The Light Company

As one of the oldest and most established lighting providers in the Riverina region, The Light Company have worked with countless clients to achieve their interior vision.

The Light Company’s conveniently located Hammond Avenue showroom features an impressive range of lighting products displayed in all their glory. From hard working task-based solutions to those delivering ambient illumination and statement pieces for added drama there is something for everyone.

As Victoria Blatch states on Google, “Possibly the best lighting service in Wagga.”

Lifestyle Lighting

With over 35 years in business, Lifestyle Lighting is home to an extensive range of lighting solutions. With a wealth of industry knowledge, specialised product expertise, and helpful staff, they are only too happy to assist with finding the best lighting choices for a space.

Lifestyle Lighting’s local showroom boasts an extensive range of quality lighting products, covering a range of styles, materials, and functions. From pendants and wall lights through to exterior, floor and table lights they have it covered.

As Karina Smith states on Google, “Beautiful decor and lighting. Love the shop. Lighting reasonable prices for such elegance.”

Your experience with lighting stores in Wagga

Thanks to our commenters who have provided insightful feedback. If you believe we have got it wrong, please let us know.

Have you had experience with any of the lighting stores listed above? If so, share your feedback in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main lighting types?

Aside from natural light, our spaces are illuminated by three core artificial sources: ambient, task and accent lighting. Ambient lighting provides uniform illumination for a given space. Next, as the name suggests, task lighting supports the completion of certain activities by brightening a particular area. Finally, accent lighting is designed to highlight certain regions for dramatic flair.

What is colour temperature?

Colour temperature is a means by which to describe light appearance. It is measured in degrees of Kelvin (K) ranging from warmest at 1000 to coolest at 10,000. Most residential applications sit between 1000 and 6500K. Generally, warm white light around 2700K is considered most suitable for living and bedroom areas. Cool neutral white light around 5000K works well for tasks in areas such as kitchens and garages. Bright daylight around 6500K is sometimes used in bathrooms and laundries.

What types of light bulbs are the most energy efficient?

Light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, are commonly accepted as the most energy-efficient light bulb, using up to 95 per cent less energy and lasting up to 25 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. In addition to LED bulbs, application of lighting controls such as dimmers, sensors and timers can also help to improve efficiency.

What is smart lighting?

Smart lighting is a term that represents a series of solutions that allow light control remotely. These solutions often come in the form of Wi-Fi-enabled smart globes or plugs and bridges. Another solution is complete connectivity, which integrates automation of lights along with other home features such as temperature and security. Do bear in mind that some installation will need to be undertaken by a licensed electrician, so it’s worth consulting the experts for advice.

Can all light fixtures be dimmable?

Dimmers effectively control brightness by reducing voltage supplied to a light. Most traditional incandescent fixtures can work with a standard dimmer switch. Newer options such as LEDs and compact fluorescents can also be dimmed, but may require specific bulbs or switches. For further details, consult your local light retailer.

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